Summer heat will set in Turkmenistan, and a dust storm has risen in Ashgabat

At noon on June 22, a dust storm arose in Ashgabat. According to the journalists of "Chronicles of Turkmenistan", visibility was limited to ten meters.

In the television weather forecast on the eve of warnings about the upcoming increase in wind in the capital

At 2 pm on June 22, Turkmenhydromet recorded only a weak wind with a speed of 2 m/s.

According to the meteorological website Meteonovosti, the wind speed in Ashgabat with gusts reached 17 m/s, which on the Beaufort scale is the border between “strong wind” and “stormy wind”.

Earlier, Meteozhurnal warned of upcoming strong winds in Mary, Lebap and Balkan velayats.

On June 19, strong winds with gusts up to 21 m/s were observed in Turkmenabat and up to 14-15 m/s in Mary and Dashoguz.

On June 22, wind with gusts up to 15-20 m/s was expected in Balkanabat (formerly Nebit-Dag).

Meanwhile, according to the forecasts of the publication, very hot weather will set in Turkmenistan from June 22. In some places the temperature will reach 43 degrees.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan