Summer holiday season ends

A few days are left until the end of the summer holiday season in the children's health centers (CRC) of Turkmenistan, located on the ecologically clean coast of the Caspian Sea, in the picturesque Gyokdere gorge and velayats. Behind are bright sunny days filled with interesting excursions, exciting intellectual, creative and sports competitions, meetings with interesting people of the country. Over the summer, schoolchildren replenished their knowledge and practical skills in various fields, including those related to environmental culture and a healthy lifestyle, acquired useful creative skills and, of course, found new friends.

The results of these unforgettable days for children will be summed up at the events that the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, together with partners, planned for August 12 and 13. The first event, organized jointly with the Political Council of the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan, will be held at the Beýik Serdaryn ruhybelent nesilleri Center of Trade Unions of Turkmenistan located in Gökdere. The competition called "Turkmenistan - the homeland of happy children" will be attended by representatives of all the country's children's educational centers, who most clearly showed themselves in playing folk instruments, singing, artistic recitation of poems, puppet performances, etc. According to the Ministry of Education, during the four shifts of children's rest, many young talents were revealed who will compete for the main prizes of the competition, and the rest of the participants will receive incentive awards.

The second event entitled "We are the beloved children of the Motherland" (Biz Watanyn balasy) is scheduled to be held by the Ministry of Education together with the Central Council of the Magtymguly Youth Organization of Turkmenistan on August 13. In the health care center of the khyakimlik of the Akhal velayat "Bagtyýar nesilleri" there will be a review of videos on which children captured the most interesting, in their opinion, events and moments of relaxation in four shifts. This free creativity of children will be complemented by exhibitions of children's photographs and the best crafts made in various creative circles in all the country's educational centers. The most gifted children, especially those who have shown their talents in an original and bright way, will be awarded. And the children's jury will determine the winners, whose members will have to justify the points given to this or that work. According to curators from the Ministry of Education, members of the children's jury are very responsible in their mission, striving to be as objective as possible in assessing the work of their peers.

Finishing the summer holidays with upcoming bright creative events, children who have rested, strengthened their health and received a powerful charge of creative energy will be able to enter the upcoming new school year with renewed vigor.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper