Taliban presented TAPI security plan to Turkmenistan

The Taliban presented the Turkmen side with a plan to ensure the security of the TAPI gas pipeline, The Kabul Time reported on February 28.

The document was presented at a meeting of representatives of the ministries of internal affairs and defense of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ( IEA , as the Taliban began to call their political system in Afghanistan after coming to power - ed. ) with the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Afghanistan Khoja Ovezov and the Director General of the TAPI project Muhammetmyrat Amanov .

During the meeting, the representative of Afghanistan informed the Turkmen officials about the plan to ensure the security of the gas pipeline. In turn, Turkmen officials announced the completion of practical work on the construction of TAPI in Turkmenistan and the decision to start its implementation in Afghanistan in the near future.

Details on how it is planned to protect the gas pipeline are not given.

The Turkmen Foreign Ministry and the Turkmen embassy in Kabul did not report on the meeting.

From January 31 to February 4, the Turkmen delegation discussed the acceleration of the construction of TAPI with Pakistan.

On January 15, the Taliban delegation, which arrived in Ashgabat for negotiations, announced that work on the construction of TAPI, TAP and the railway would begin in March of this year.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan