Tamara Myatova and Antonina Prynichnikova: We are grateful to the President of Turkmenistan for the support of the war veterans

1941 � 1945 war suddenly changed the life of 16-years old Tamara Malova from Kameshkovo, Vladimir Region. 8-grade students asked to be enrolled in army and she was taken as telephone operator in rifle regiment.

She went along painful roads of war; she served her duty at the Central front, in the Kursk Bulge, the Second Belarusian Front; she was among those who liberated Belarus and Poland from fascist occupants.

Tamara was lucky to meet long-awaited Victory. And after, she and her husband, military officer Anatoly Myatov were sent to Tashkent at first, then to Samarkand. From 1951, Turkmen land became home place for family couple from Vladimir Region. Ever since Tamara Yakovlevna Myatova lives in Ashgabat surrounded by love and care of three children � son and two daughters, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

For a long time she used to be an activist of the Club of Front-line Comrades, which united women who participated in combat. It hurts her that today she is the only one left alive from the members of the club that used to do active patriotic work with the youth. They were often guests of the schools and universities, spoke of heroic war days, answered the questions and being elder friends exhorted and shared life experience. Always being cheerful and positive, they were the models of outstanding moral fortitude and belief in happy future of their children and grandchildren.

Every women of the club had dozens of high awards. Tamara Yakovlevna has medal For Service in Battle and medal of Honour for the battles at the Kursk Bulge and liberation of Belarus accordingly, Red Star Order, Great Patriotic War Order and medal for the Victory over Germany in in Great Patriotic War 1941 � 1945. In peace time, her collection was supplemented with commemorative medals in honour of the anniversaries of the Victory Day.

I live long and full life, - Tamara Yakovlevna says. � I am happy to see my extension in my grandchildren and I am proud that sunny and affluent Turkmenistan, where such great attention is paid to the members of the war and care of its citizens is a priority of the state policy, is my Motherland.

Tonya Ermishina was 14 years old when the war started. She used to live in Russian city of Ahtubinsk at that time.

There was a railroad leading to the front line near her home. Fascist were always bombing the railway station and the houses nearby. The population become involuntarily involved in combat activities and started to help the army, which included several railway subunits.

High-school graduates were used to be enrolled in the divisions. The girls nursed the wounded and boys made special ramparts protecting airfields. The students worked for half of the year on this getting 600 gr of bread per day for this.

In 1944, Antonina met her future husband � Boris Prynichnikov. In 1954, young family moved to Mary and later, in 1965 they moved to Ashgabat where they live now.

The peace life biography of Antonina Pavlovna Prynichnikova includes many years of work in different organizations, which required her knowledge in economics, law, and labour organization. For ten years, she used to be freelance inspector of people's control and worked hard.

Special Resolution of 1978 gave the status of the war participants to the citizens who worked in combat zones and Antonina by right received this status and deserved military and labour awards.

According to good tradition, Antonian Pavlovna takes part in ceremony of laying flowers to the Monument of Fallen Defenders of the Motherland on May 9.

Turkmen capital became homeland for our family. Today, me and my husband are retired and we are infinitely grateful to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for his care to war participants and home front workers. We are surrounded by special care and have all social benefits, high pensions. Owing to this, we feel protected and feel the pride that we witness large-scale achievements of today, - Antonina Pavlovna highlighted.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper