TAP announces nominations for gas flows via interconnections

Nominations for gas flows (entry) at Kipoi (Greece) interconnection of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) stood at 333,516,123 kWh for May 8 and 311,525,291 kWh for May 9, Trend reports citing TAP’s electronic platform.

The exit nominations at Komotini are fixed at 34,390,675 kWh for May 8 and 28,670,675 kWh for May 9, while at Nea Mesimvria the entry nominations amount to 5,720,000 kWh. The exit nominations at Nea Mesimvria stand at 30,346,301 kWh for May 8 and May 9 each.

As for Melendugno, the exit nominations stand at 271,999,147 kWh for May 8 and 249,908,315 kWh for May 9.

As the European section of the Southern Gas Corridor, TAP has the capacity to transport approximately 10 billion cubic meters of gas per annum (bcm/a) to several markets in Europe. The pipeline is also designed with the potential to expand its throughput capacity up to 20 bcm/a.

As a key part of the Southern Gas Corridor, TAP is strategically and economically important to Europe and essential in providing reliable access to a new source of natural gas. TAP plays a significant role in boosting Europe’s energy security, supply diversification, as well as decarbonisation objectives.

Source: Trend News Agency