TAPI implementation will not resume until the situation in Afghanistan stabilizes, – Pakistani Minister of Economy

The implementation of the TAPI gas pipeline project has been suspended due to the unstable situation in Afghanistan. Pakistani Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Omar Ayub Khan, who arrived in Russia to participate in the work of the Russian-Pakistani intergovernmental commission, told TASS about this .

“Work on TAPI, as well as on other projects such as CASA-1000 (a project to create a system for the transmission of electricity from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to Afghanistan and Pakistan - note by TASS), has been suspended due to the situation in Afghanistan. According to the information we have, no work is currently underway in Afghanistan either on this or on any other projects. Many people have been evacuated and the World Bank is no longer represented in Afghanistan. After stabilizing the situation, we will be able to return to the issue of construction, ”the Russian news agency quotes the minister.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, members of the Afghan government met with Turkmen diplomats in Afghanistan . During the talks, the Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan Mohammad Isa ( Mohammad of Isa ) called on the Turkmen side to allocate funds for the installation of TAPI, fiber-optic communication lines, power lines and railway TAP.

Since the seizure of power in Afghanistan in August 2021, representatives of the Taliban have regularly met with representatives of Turkmenistan on the construction of the TAPI gas pipeline. The implementation of the project can bring $ 500 million annually to Afghanistan, which is in a severe economic crisis , for gas transit through its territory.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan