TAPI: the pace of work on the Turkmen section of the gas pipeline

Specialists of the 5th specialized construction and installation department of the Turkmengundogarnebitgurlushyk trust are taking part in the construction of the Turkmen section of the transnational gas pipeline TAPI at an accelerated pace.

Management specialists gained valuable practical experience in the construction of pipelines during the construction of the East-West gas pipeline. This experience became a guarantee that the management specialists will complete the pipeline laying, its arrangement and creation of the necessary infrastructure on time and with high quality.

In the allotted area, work is proceeding in accordance with the established schedule. Currently, the main works are concentrated on 120 km. It uses modern powerful equipment of KOMATSU, KATERPILLER companies, as well as modern welding machines.

The construction of the TAPI gas pipeline remains among the priorities of regional cooperation. After commissioning, this energy corridor will raise regional cooperation to a new level and will contribute to prosperity in Central and South Asia.

Source: Nebit-Gaz