“Täze Usul” offers cooperation in the implementation of industrial equipment

ES «Täze Usul» - the official trade dealer of the brands AKSA, Dalgakiran, Servomatik, Miller - invites companies and individual entrepreneurs to cooperate in the sale of industrial equipment.

Economic society «Täze Usul» since 2011 is one of the largest suppliers in Turkmenistan of such types of industrial equipment as diesel generators, air compressors, air dryers, power plants, welding machines, receivers.

Direct cooperation with equipment manufacturers allows «Täze Usul» to provide the best ratio of price and quality guarantees and regular year-round service. Also, the specialists of the ES provide consultations on the use of equipment, and, if necessary, conduct staff training.

Among the clients of «Täze Usul» are many domestic construction, industrial and manufacturing companies, as well as a number of foreign ones, including Çalik Holding, Petronas, Hyundai Engineering, Gap Insaat, Bouygues, Rönesans Insaat and others.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper