Teachers and high-school students of the capital schools join the volunteers’ ranks

The volunteer team, composed mostly of the Universities students, was formed up under preparation to V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. Representative of comprehensive secondary and specialised schools formed volunteer's' centres and also take an active part in preparation to the Games.

Recently, large group of students and teachers of the schools of the capital received official registration by the outcomes of the competition held by the Executive Committee of V Asian Games and joined the volunteers association of large sport forum.

There are students of schools No. 6, 16, 42, 64, 86 and 72 of the capital. English teachers of school no. 7 specialized in linguistic studies joined the volunteers movement. The group of high-school students, many of which know several foreign languages, actively prepares to another competition. Classes for young volunteers conducted by the language teachers take place on regular basis at the school.

The Executive Committee of Asian Games 2017, actively cooperating with educational institutions, suggested the best participants of the state student Olympic in English language including school no. 7 representatives to joint volunteer movement.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper