Tendencies of development of Turkmen capital is the sections of profile exposition

XVIII International Multipurpose Exhibition White City Ashgabat, which is to demonstrate the achievements and perspectives of development of Turkmen capital in urban construction sphere as well as priority directions of cooperation in this area, started work in the capital.

Deputies of the Mejlis, members of the Government, representatives of military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and departments, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan, representatives of public organizations mass media, numerous guests and residents of the capital took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

About 100 representatives of local and foreign companies and facilities as well as ministries and departments take part in the review.

Ashgabat, which became big business, cultural international cooperation centre, embodies successful modern of dynamically developing city. Beauty and comfort, latest architectural developments, advanced achievements of engineering and technical idea and traditions of national architecture are harmonically combined in this place.

The hosts of the exhibition, the administration of Ashgabat and Trade and Industrial Chamber of Turkmenistan, offer wide range of subjects from construction and architecture to power energy, processing and light industry, design, modernization of urban infrastructure to the development of cultural, tourism and sport spheres.

Current exhibition demonstrates the stage of implementation of urban construction policy and input of different branches to the realization of the state programmes, which are aimed at the improvement of life level of the population as well as demonstrates the participation of foreign companies in national projects and perspectives of expansion of international cooperation.

Various exhibits of the facilities of profile ministries and departments as well as national entrepreneurs and foreign business circles successfully working in Ashgabat and willing to tale part in the implementation of urban construction programme are placed in exhibition halls and grounds of the Centre.

Information content of the exhibition is oriented to the most required spheres of cooperation in Turkmenistan today. Construction sphere, which is perspective and rapidly growing sector of Turkmen economy raising big interest of investors and contractors, is one of them.

Leading partners of our country Bouygues Turkmen, NATA, Gap Insaat, RAlnesans Endustri Tesisleri Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret, Road Construction Company, Altkom, Interbudmontazh presented their models of construction facilities, innovative developments and technologies including such directions as water supply and lighting, road construction, active leisure industry, etc.

Many producers focused on the technologies allowing increasing the efficiency of work of engineering and communication networks by energy saving, implementation of automatic and computer systems. Currency of the concept of mobile units and installations, compact devices with remote transmit of different parameters is growing these days, which was also reflected in the exposition.

The interest of the visitors of the exhibition was raised by the displays of various ministries and departments of Turkmenistan like the Ministry of Industry and Communication, Construction and Architecture, Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, Turkmenawtoulaglary, Turkmendemiryollary, Turkmenhowayollary, Turkmendenizderyayollary, Turkmenaragatnasyk agencies, agricultural complex, municipal service, education and many other.

Combined communication system, which unites air and land routes with entry to big international and regional sea, motor, railway and air hubs is successfully created in the country. This is visually demonstrated at the stands of the ministries and facilities of transport sphere.

Production of one of the leading export oriented branches of national economy was presented by the Ministry of Textile Industry. rich variety of cotton and silk fabrics, sewing and knitted garments are distinguished by high quality and excellent design, commitment to national traditions.

Special attention of the visitors was attracted by the demonstration f traditional ornamental and modern handmade carpet articles of Turkmenhaly Production Association of the Ministry of textile Industry of Turkmenistan as well as numerous entrepreneurs and national craftsmen involved in carpet making.

The exposition includes the displays of agricultural complex and trade section, which demonstrate the variety of high quality food products, vegetable oils, honey, etc. it I important to mention that all production is packed and decorated in accordance with ecological and aesthetic requirements of international standards.

Exhibition halls of Ashgabat administration impress with variety of flowers and tree samplings, which decorate parks in Ashgabat and natural landscapes all over the country.

It also has the good from the companies dealing with production of tree seedlings, parking fences, decoration materials and details, furniture and accessories, kitchen and glassware. The essence of exhibition White City Ashgabat is in its versatility as modern city is a complicated mechanism and integrated approach is required for creation of optimum living environment in the city.

Displays of the Ministry of Education and universities widely represent modern equipment of university laboratories as well as medals and diplomas of the winners of international student contests. Detailed information about the specialities of the universities and modern educational methods is also available there.

It is worth mentioning that students are the authors of interesting projects and scientific developments. Presented models of different architectural facilities, new computer programmes, robotics and scientific devices made by Turkmen youth are example of it.

The exhibition gives an opportunity to see tourism capabilities of Turkmenistan, to receive fresh information about the trends in travel industry, organization of different types of recreation as well as cultural, educational and local history activity.

Big area is occupied by the expositions dedicated to sport development. The displays demonstrated hundreds of gold, silver and bronze medals and cups won by Turkmen sportsmen at different tournaments of international level including the world and Asian championships. Works of photographers who reflected captivating sport moments embodying commitment, will to win and sport spirit were widely represented.

Representatives of private business take more solid positions in different production spheres of national economy systematically increasing their input to stable development of the state.

National entrepreneurship, which rapidly assert itself in national economy as competitive partner, demonstrates wide range of directions of activity. Such companies as Ussat Inzener, Ajayyp-bina, Nusay yollary, Beyik bina, TA�ze jay, Rysgally zA�hmet, Altyn and other are among national construction structures.

Separate section is dedicated to high technologies as an integral component of development of modern city. Today, the know-hows are actively introduced into all spheres of life of the capital from engineering, technical and business facilities to social, economic, educational and cultural spheres.

Current exhibition will significantly increase the capability of learning of new technologies, which can be implemented in Turkmenistan shortly. Making significant investments to construction industry, we build the future of the country, create reliable foundation for its further development. Construction equipment and consumer goods are also advertised in the exhibition halls.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper