Ter Alnum Business Entity: Algorithm of effective business model

Ter Alnum Business Entity from Ashgabat was awarded with high prize of the representative forum of importers and exporters of agricultural production, which was organized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of India together with number of departments. Turkmen company presented various fruits, vegetables and raisins, which evoked great interest of foreign colleagues, at the exhibition of seasonal agricultural production, which was held in Mumbai. Aspects of the partnership with the companies from India and UAE have been discussed at the fields of the forum.

Ter Alnum Business Entity successfully promotes Turkmen production in international market for long time, - founder of the company Dovletgeldy Balliyev said in the conversation. � This year, at the Berlin International Fair of Trade and Fruit and Vegetable Transportation, Turkmen production raised the interest of representative of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of India who invited the company to the exhibition in Mumbai, where it won the main prize.

It is worth mentioning that Ter Alnum Business Entity has presented not only fresh fruit, vegetable and cucurbitaceous crops but also dried products.

Ter Alnum Company became famous after it won international tender for provision of vitamin products for the participants of Ashgabat 2017 Games. Today, the Business entity is the biggest in the country marketing company providing the capital region with fruits and vegetables.

Computer programme developed by the Head of the company Batyr Rovshanov optimizes marketing and logistic component to the maximum. Having three hundred farming associations as suppliers as well as 10 refrigerating tracks, rented warehouses, where agricultural production is stored and packed, and 15 trade agents, the company supplies around 500 customers with fruits and vegetables all year around. It includes Turkmenistan Airlines, Oguzkent and Yildyz Hotels, Bagtiyarlyk Shopping and Entertainment Centre, Gulzaman Restaurant and other, children recreation centres in Gyokdere, big supermarkets and bazars, network of catering and shopping outlets of the capital.

Analytical department provides operative information for the formation of sets of fruits and vegetables, which have to be sold during the day, week, months. Flexible response to seasonal requirements, situation in the market and preference of the clients provide efficient operation of 'production - stocking � storage � sale chain' and support optimal ratio between price and profit.

The company has developed quality standards for every agricultural product. Unattractive fruits and vegetable with mechanical damages are removed from the packages and used for another purposes. Entrepreneurs procured modern equipment and are going to open the facility for dried production. It is also planned to develop the production of herb mixtures and spices, potato chips, marshmallow and other sweets from natural products.

The company plans to open separate department for working with the producers of fruit and vegetable crops, which specialists will provide expert and consultative support in growing of perspective spices. The company has already organized scientific and practical seminar with representatives of big farms specialized in potato cultivation.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper