The 15th phase of capital planning and development is distinguished by architectural solutions and infrastructural integrity

More than 200 elite cottages will be built in the south-west of the capital under realization of the 15th phase of urban planning and development. Besides, 18 twelve-store, 16 three- and four-store living houses, 11 shopping centres, kindergarten, school, park zone and other social and recreation facilities are to be built there.

According to the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan, the construction of these elite houses is carried out by the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. At present, individual enterprises and business entities are big customers and shareholders of the cottage compound and successfully realize large-scale projects. Super modern living complex distinguished by original design and functionality was built there without using the budget funds.

New houses are distinguished not only by architectural style. One of the main requirements of the client is that 350 sq. m. solid houses with expanded clay aggregate and aerated concrete block walls have to be built taking into account modern ecological standards. That is why local construction materials produced in 2016 were used in construction. Life support systems of the cottages are independent.

Interior plan of the houses is made in two version, the first is as per the project and the second one is according to the future tenants preferences. The ground floor has a place for built-in garage with automatic gates. The living part will accommodate spacious kitchen, sitting room, bedroom and bathroom and storeroom. Study room, three bedrooms, terrace and two bathrooms will be on the first floor. The houses have heated attics. 0,6 hectares of land near the house has small garden and summer pavilion.

* * *

For the first time in urban planning practice of the capital on the territory of the 15th phase of construction, 16 three- and four-store high comfort houses, which are similar to double-store cottages, have been built. They have the same strong walls filled by expanded clay blocks, roof with ceramic tiles and ceramic granite facing. Despite the common construction technology and used materials, they are different by their functions.

Three-store elite houses have passenger elevators. Low-rise buildings will be connected to the central heating system. There will be six 222 sq. m. apartments in each house. The project stipulates 3 bedrooms, living room, spacious kitchen, bathrooms and two balconies. Every family will have a store room in basement floor. Shaded car parking will be built for the tenants and their guests near the houses. The adjoining territory will accommodate children playgrounds and walking zones decorated with original compositions.

Four-store buildings will accommodate 8 apartments of 253 sq. m. each. There are five rooms, three balconies, storeroom, and spacious kitchen for the future residents. The houses will be also equipped with passenger elevators.

18 twelve-store high comfort buildings are built on the territory of new living complex by the order of the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and ministries and departments of the country. Every floor will have two four-room apartments with 210 and 205 sq.m. area accordingly and one 183 sq. m. three-room apartment.

Each high-rise building will have autonomous heating and cooling system. The adjoining territory will accommodate sadaka and ceremony facilities, children playgrounds and walking zones.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper