The amount of the gift to women on March 8 was adjusted at the dollar rate on the “black market”

Since 2019, Turkmen women have increased the amount of the gift by March 8 to 20 manat. If previously they were given 40 manats each, they will now give 60. The corresponding Decree was signed by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on February 27 .

If you translate these amounts into dollars at current black market rates, you get about $ 3-3.5.

60 manat on state course is $ 17.14, and on the current black market rate - $ 3.33. In 2018, 40 manat was $ 11.4 at the official exchange rate and $ 3-3.5 at the black market rate .

It is unclear whether this was done deliberately. The amount of other payments, salaries, scholarships, allowances and pensions, from this year were increased by 10%.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan