The authorities of Ashgabat continue to dismantle satellite aerials

The municipal authorities of Ashgabat continue to forcibly dismantle satellite aerials by installing cable television with a limit package of TV channels instead.

Last week public utilities staff of the capital once again removed satellite dishes from residential buildings. This time the inhabitants of the 11th residential district were affected.

Interestingly enough, the inhabitants were requested to present the inventory file, house register and copies of all passport pages to be able to connect to cable TV.

Without asking the residents' opinion, the local authorities had previously installed the so-called IP television. However, the quality of IP television transmission is very low. The residents of the capital complain that the image often get frozen despite the fact that they pay for these services.

The main reason why the authorities dislike privately owned satellite aerials is that subscribers have an opportunity to connect to the radio channel Azatlyk´┐Ż the Turkmen Service of Radio Liberty. Needless to say, this radio channel is not available in cable or IP television networks.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan