The authorities of Turkmenistan issued the British Coyne Airways a license to sell Turkmen fuel at the airports of the country

Coyne Airways is offering cheap jet fuel to cargo airlines facing rising fuel costs to bypass Russian airspace in Turkmenistan, The Loadstar reports .

The authorities of Turkmenistan have issued a license to Coyne Airways to sell Turkmen fuel at four airports in different parts of the country: Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi, Dashoguz and Mary.

According to FlightRadar24, the number of flights over Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan has increased from about 150 per day to more than 2,000. The need to bypass Russian airspace increases flight time by two to three hours, which not only increases fuel consumption, but also crew costs. aircraft insurance and maintenance, which can add up to $8,000 per hour.

“Having considered the option of refueling in Turkmenistan, we calculated that this could save about $30,000,” said Coyne Airways CEO Larry Coyne .

“Not all flights require refueling, but many cargo planes are already stopping in Bishkek or Almaty. Turkmenistan is on a direct route to China and the planes do not need to deviate from the course, and besides, Turkmen fuel is cheaper by $200-$250 than its competitors,” the expert noted.

The airports of Turkmenistan offer fuel at a price of $850 per ton, including delivery. It also provides free landing and service at Dashoguz and Mary airports for a limited time. Crews do not need a visa for a short stopover.

As of April 5, the price of a tonne of Jet A1 jet fuel on the world market ranges from $1,094 to $1,161. The publication clarifies that aviation fuel prices in April were 137% higher than a year earlier.

Coyne calculated that it costs about $94,354 to fill up 75 tons of fuel at the region's airports. Turkmenistan offers conditions under which the price of refueling, taking into account free landing at two airports (in Dashoguz and Mary), will be reduced to $67.429. At the remaining two airports (international ones in Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi), landing fees are calculated taking into account the maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft.

The publication writes that Larry Coyne worked in Turkmenistan for 27 years, which helped him acquire "strong ties" . Over the years of cooperation, the airline has purchased equipment for Turkmenistan and chartered aircraft. “Now we have signed an agreement that allows us to refuel aircraft passing through the country. Turkmenistan is interested in generating income,” Coyne said, adding that he is happy to work with carriers on an individual fuel offer.

The official website of the British company specifies that prices will be updated every month.

In January 2022, Coyne Airways announced the signing of a new agreement with Turkmenistan Airlines, which allowed the airline to resume flights from Frankfurt to Ashgabat.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan