The Beatles: Magic of Talent and Journey through Time

The Turkmenistan Cinema and Concert Hall has hosted a much-anticipated tribute concert honoring the iconic British band The Beatles: John Lennon (rhythm guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals), Paul McCartney (bass guitar, piano, vocals), George Harrison (solo guitar, vocals), and Ringo Starr (percussion, vocals).

... The rock band The Beatles enormously influenced music and popular culture in the latter half of the 20th century. Never could the members of the band have imagined they would rise to the dizzy heights of stardom. The secret of the band's popularity was probably their songs filled with love and optimism. Well, Liverpool Four fans have their personal associations and, certainly, cherish intensely powerful emotions evoked by The Beatles and their songs.

In 1965, The Beatles received their Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) awards for their contribution to British culture and its popularization in the world, which was the first time they were presented to musicians...

The evening of music lived up to the expectations of Beatles fans and music lovers who had come to listen to the greatest hit songs that once sparked the development of new music culture.

The real emotional highlights of the concert were hit songs by the rock band performed in an original way by Alexander Kochetov, who sang for nearly two hours and seemed to have outdone himself. The singer exuded unflagging energy and excitement on stage. Later, he delighted the audience performing the wonderfully poetic song 'Michele', and then sang 'Blackbird' in a duet with Vladimir Mkrtumov.

Young vocalists helped Alexander, who thrilled the concert-goers with his vocal energy. Dovran Shammyev accurately and emotionally conveyed the lyrical mood of the song 'In My Life', brilliantly singing with vibrato.

The spirit-stirring hit song 'Yellow Submarine' was sung by Alexander and Selim Kurbansakhetov, performing as a captain and cabin boy respectively. As the singers broke into song, the audience cheered loudly.

An instrumental version of the song 'And I Love Her' was also greeted with enthusiastic applause from the listeners. It was played by Vladimir Mkrtumov (piano), Igor Shevtsov (bass guitar), Timur Oraev (percussion) and Yusuf Ismailov (solo guitar).

The evening of music ended with a dramatic finale featuring five songs by The Beatles and all the vocalists. The famous song 'Yesterday' performed by Aynur Makhmydova drew a round of applause.

The singers gave brief interviews after the concert.

- What are your impressions of the concerts?

- We can't put our feelings into words! We are just happy!

- Will you introduce yourselves, please?

Aynur Mahmydova:

- I learn the violin at Music Boarding School. Now I'm an eleventh-grade student. I've made my singing debut today, and it is something I am unlikely ever to forget. I was truly happy to sing together with such outstanding and distinctive singers. And it is a very rewarding and valuable experience for me.

Selim Kurbansakhetov:

- I graduated from music school where I learned the guitar. I greatly admire the Beatles and I was delighted to perform at the concert.

Dovran Shammyev:

- Singing is my hobby; I study composition at the Music Conservatory. I found every moment of the Beatles tribute concert unforgettable.

Alexander Kochetov:

- What was it like to keep the audience captivated and totally engaged for 2 hours? I did love it, otherwise I wouldn't have made it.

Vladimir Mkrtumov:

- Am I satisfied with the concert? Almost, because there are no absolutely ideal concerts!

Here are impressions shared by members of the audience.

Aykhan Durdyev, a ninth-grade student:

- I'm a big fan of the Beatles and know their songs very well. Today's concert featured many of my favorite songs, for example, 'Yesterday', 'In My Life', 'Nowhere Man', and others. I would like to thank the singers for their wonderful interpretations of the hit songs by the Liverpool Four.

Aygozel Nurymova, a ninth-grade student:

- Although The Beatles are renowned worldwide, I have never regarded myself as their fan. The evening of music allowed me to learn more about the band and made me realize that they are absolutely phenomenal. I'm grateful to my cousin Aykhan for taking me to the concert and to all the singers for filling everyone with intense and sincere emotions.

Bakhar Khudayberdyeva:

- I've brought my two sons to the concert to let them learn to appreciate and enjoy music and singing. I would like to thank Vladimir Mkrtumov for his talent and his efforts to popularize music. These events are important for a younger generation's aest hetic development.

Tatyana Gimalitdinova:

- I admire the young vocalists who sang the songs in English. I'm glad that aside from being musically gifted, they are well educated, have excellent stage performance skills, and are able to connect and communicate with the audience. I would like to extend my special thanks to them for taking us on the journey through time and transporting us back in the days of our youth. I'll be pleased to buy a ticket for the next Beatles tribute concert.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper