The best etrap 2018 award ceremony is held in Esenguly

Administration centre of Esenguly etrap hosted best etrap of Turkmenistan 2018 Award Ceremony. The prize is 1,000,000 US dollar from the State Development Fund. Heads of National Trade Unions Centre, etrap and regional administrations, representatives of public organizations, leaseholders, best personnel, elders and numerous citizens of the etrap took part in the event.

According to the rules of this annual contest, its winner is selected by such indicators as successful implementation of the Programme of regional development, fulfilment of contractual obligations on production of grain, cotton and other agricultural crops, opening of social and living facilities as well as solution of the subject of working occupancy, cultural activity and involvement of the population to sport and physical training.

Speakers noted that new life comes to the most remote parts of the country due to integrated reforms. This is brightly indicated by administration centre of Esenguly etrap located on Caspian coast.

New administration building, carpet factory, Cultural Club, digital telephone station, desalination unit, shopping centre, cottages, modern clinic and multiprofile hospital provided with modern equipment as well as multimedia school, kindergarten and physical training and health improving complex have been opened in the etrap under National Programme of changing of social and living condition of rural population until 202. In 2016, Esenguly settlement received the status of the city.

It is worth mentioning that social facilities like schools, pre-school, sport and medical facilities, which meet modern standards, are systematically built in other settlements of this agrarian industrial etrap.

Big oil deposits Keymir, South Kamyshlaja, Akpatlavuk, Ekerem, Shatut, Nebitlije are actively developed on its territory and exploration of new perspective fields is carried out. The oil produced in the southwest of the country is transported to Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex by the main pipeline Korpeje � Balkanabat as well as by tankers from Ekerem.

Making speeches at the ceremony, the guests congratulated the residents of the etrp on high title of winner of national contest. The event was finished by celebration concert.

Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan