The Best Hollywood Movie Soundtracks to Be Performed in Ashgabat: Rasul Klychev’s Latest Project

Posters for a concert with the intriguing name ‘Hollywood in Ashgabat’ caught the eye of Ashgabat residents long ago. Just a few days left before the premier performance by the State Symphony Orchestra under conductor Rasul Klychev, whose program will feature soundtracks to twelve cinematic masterpieces with ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Titanic’, and Schindler’s List among others. With rehearsals now in full swing, we had a conversation with Maestro Klychev after one of them.

– Many soundtracks become independently famous with time and stand on their own very well, the conductor said. – For example, Nino Rota’s music to ‘The Godfather’ is more popular than the movie itself. The Italian composer won the Academy Award for it. This also holds true for the music featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. This gave me the idea of crafting a concert program for the Ashgabat stage in a new format.

We have been preparing for the concert for a year. With the initial plan to perform 12 pieces, we found our rehearsals so fascinating and inspiring that we decided to add music from the following movie hits: ‘James Bond 007’, ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ to the concert program as well.

The music by composers John Williams and Elliot Goldenthal is both technically challenging and extremely captivating. I had spent much time carefully selecting and making a list of my best-loved pieces. Unfortunately, they all could not be featured in one single concert program. If the premiere turns out a success, we will probably present a follow-up concert late in the year.

– Do you plan to switch from Hollywood to Mosfilm (Russia’s leading film studio)?

– Yes, I do! I’d love to perform music from Mosfilm and Turkmenfilm movies. I’m very eager to play soundtracks to our old favorites ‘Jemal’s Tree’, ‘Tight-Lipped Daughter-in-Law’, not to mention the music composed by Nury Khalmamedov for movies.

– What is it like working on the project?

– Not so easy. Turning a new idea into reality can be rather difficult. The creative process is the path of endeavors, doubts and determined efforts. A commonly agreed goal, mutual understanding, and a close musical partnership between the orchestral musicians and the conductor help to overcome the difficulties successfully.

The concert entitled ‘Hollywood in Ashgabat’ is set to communicate a unique message to audiences inviting them to embark on a journey into the world of enchanting music.

I am looking forward to the premiere concert with eager anticipation, too. I wonder how audience members will react to the creative and visually stunning program. Giving listeners a high-quality immersive experience with musical substance and bringing out sincere emotions in them will be the highest praise for us.

– We wish you luck! See you at the concert!

The State Symphony Orchestra led by Rasul Klychev presents the new program at the Turkmenistan Cinema and Concert Hall at 7 p.m. on April 25 and 26. Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper

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