The book by B. Shikhmuradov on the assassination attempt against Niyazov presented again in Ashgabat

After 15 years the book I and my co-conspirators in a terrorist attack, authored by Boris Shikhmuradov has again appeared in Ashgabat.

In March 2019 a book fair was held in the Military Institute under Turkmenistan’s Defense Ministry. The fair was organized for students and cadets. Together with books authored by President Berdymukhammedov, correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan spotted a book published under the name of the former Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan Boris Shikhmiradov, I and my co-conspirators in a terrorist attack.

The book was sold at 20 manats at the fair.

The book I and my co-conspirators in a terrorist attack, with a subtitle The truth and only the truth about the terrorist act in Ashgabat on 25 November 2002, was published in 2004 by the Printing Centre of the State Publishing Service for public sector employees and students to make sure they were aware of the enemies of the young state after reading it.

Meanwhile, on 25 May Boris Shikhmuradov turned 70. His fate after the conviction and imprisonment remains unknown.

Let us recall that according to sources of Radio Azatlyk, in mid May, during the Friday prayers in one of the mosques, an imam called on the congregation to treat President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov with love and respect and prayed to Allah to do justice to his enemies. This was the common practice during the presidency of former President Niyazov.

Moreover, unofficial pro-government media outlets are more and more trying to refute articles published by independent media outlets and simply publish reports attacking alternative news outlets and select opponents of the regime. The clampdown on opposition members by the media outlets controlled by the Turkmen authorities was widely used in the 2000-s.

If these are not isolated incidents, it can be assumed that the Turkmen government is trying to change its strategy and focus on identifying external enemies who can be blamed for economic problems confronting the state, or impose a new information policy to the country’s residents, looking for enemies in an attempt to distract attention from financial difficulties.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan