The campaign to dismantle air conditioners is underway in Ashgabat

The dismantling of air conditioners has been launched in Ashgabat's residential district MIR-3.

Several days prior to the campaign, representatives of the local authorities visited apartments and warned that the air conditioners installed on the outside of apartment blocks had to be dismantled.

When outraged inhabitants asked to present an order, the house administration staff simply said that they were executing the instructions issued by the khyakimlik's office.

We are receiving reports that the employees, who warned that air conditioners had to be dismantled, offered dismantling services for an additional fee of 50 manats but promised to preserve freon gas (the liquid used in refrigerators). Otherwise, before installation works freon gas is simply poured out. Later on, in order to install an air-conditioner to a new place, it will need to be filed with freon gas, which will cost 250 to 300 manats.

Some inhabitants, if the location of their apartment permits, transferred air conditioners to another wall to make sure they are not seen from outside. Some installed air conditioners in the hallway.

On 6 February the Mejlis of Turkmenistan (Paliament) approved the law On architectural activities. As is reported in official media outlet, this document is committed to shaping favourable environment for residents and achieving aesthetical qualities of buildings.

In summer outside temperature in the Turkmen capital does not get below 40 degrees Celsius. It is unlikely that depriving residents of air conditioners will help shape favourable environment.

Let us recall that Chronicles of Turkmenistan reported that the campaign to dismantle air conditioners has been launched after reappointment of Ashgabat's khyakim Shamukhamed Durdylyev.

Durdylyev occupied this post from 2010 to 2013. Then he was transferred to the Government Executive office. However, in early January he was re-appointed the khyakim of the capital.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan