The Chairman of the People’s Council of the National Council familiarized himself with the pace of activities in the city of Arkadag

Today, the Chairman of the People's Council of the National Council of Turkmenistan, Honorable Elder Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, at the request of the Chairman of the State Committee for the Construction of the Center of Ahal Velayat D. Orazov and the Mayor of Arkadag Sh. he got acquainted with the projects of the main mosque to be built in the center.

Chairman of the State Committee for the Construction of the New Center of Ahal Velayat D. Orazov and the Mayor of Arkadag Sh. they introduced different types of decoration and the image projects of the alms house planned to be built near the mosque. Also, our Heroic Friend was informed about the technical characteristics of the mosque, the area it will occupy, the colors, as well as the information and indicators related to the work to be done on the improvement of its adjacent areas.

Our Haji Arkadag, looking at the plans and drawings related to the construction of the mosque to be built, said that it would be appropriate to build an educational madrasah here. Because the Turkmen people have preserved and preserved their national traditions and cultural values for centuries, and the Islamic religion is an integral part of the cultural values of our people, our Hero said. Our friend pointed out that all construction works, which show adherence to the noble principles of the Turkmen people, should be carried out in accordance with the advanced requirements of modern times, and he made some amendments to the mentioned projects and gave some advice and recommendations on their implementation.

Then Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly of the National Council, held a business meeting here with the participation of D. Orazov, the head of the state committee for the construction of the center of Ahal province, and Sh. Durdyliev, the mayor of Arkadag. Noting that the freedom of the society, the free and happy life of the people is one of the main directions of the policy of the sovereign state, our respected friend emphasized the importance of the new mosque to form a single harmony with the architectural image of the center, and the development of their adjacent areas.

Our heroic friend said that the main mosques were built and put into use in all regions of the country, where noble principles and noble deeds are practiced. In this regard, our respected friend said that building a mosque is a noble work like building a road and a bridge, and noted with satisfaction that these noble principles are being developed in accordance with the spirit of the times. Saying that the mosque is considered to be "Allah's house" during the year, Haji Arkadagym consulted with elders and experts on the construction of the main mosque of the province and gave his advice on starting a holy day and holding a wedding donation on this occasion.

Also, our Heroic Archduke said that the main mosques of the provinces were first built in Mary Province, and emphasized that these noble works were effectively continued in all regions of the country. As mentioned, a magnificent mosque was built in Dashoguz Province, in line with the spirit of modernity and the principles of national architecture, among the magnificent buildings. Then the work of building a mosque continued in Lebap Velayat. The main mosque, built in the center of Turkmenabat, formed a single harmony with the architectural image of the city. In the center of the Balkan Velayat, the main mosque, built in a combination of national architectural principles and advanced modern experience, was put into use. And today, in the new, modern administrative center of Ahal Velayat, preparations were made for launching the construction of the main mosque of the Velayat.

The construction of a new mosque in the land of Sahavatly Ahal will be another proof that our ancient national traditions are being continued and developed. Spiritual values call people to honesty, humanity, sincerity, goodness. Accordingly, the government pays due attention to the construction of mosques, which are considered to be places where religious activities take place. Haji Arkadag continued talking about this and pointed out that it would be expedient to start discussing the construction of the mosque and the location of its altar with religious representatives and elders. It was noted that important importance should be given to the interior decoration features of the mosque, the quality level of the construction and decoration materials used in the construction, and their comfort should meet the modern requirements.

Throughout history, the Turkmen people have made a great contribution to the development of world culture and developed the national architectural principles of our people. Speaking about this, our Heroic Comrade noted that today the national principles of architecture are reflected in the image of the cities and villages of the country, and in the newly built villages and towns, construction of mosques near residential complexes is of great importance. This is another expression of the continuity of good traditions that have been going on for centuries.

Chairman of the People's Council of the National Council Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov laid the foundations of the main mosque in the center of Ahal Province and once again stressed that it would be advisable to start its construction soon, and that all people should participate in this wonderful event and donate on this occasion. Haji Arkadag noted that giving a wedding donation is a comprehensive approach to the implementation of great initiatives, and symbolizes the continuity of our people's unity, humanitarian principles, and spiritual values.

It has become a noble tradition to give wedding gifts in honor of important events in the life of the country, state attitudes. And this is very important in the success of great goals, emphasized our honorable friend.

Then our pilgrim friend went to the place where the main mosque is planned to be built and pointed out that this place has been chosen appropriately. It should be noted that the location of the main mosque of Ahal Velayat was determined in October 2022 based on the recommendations of our Heroic Friend and in accordance with our national principles. A tender was also announced for the construction of this mosque. "Altyn" economic society won according to the results of the competition with the highest requirements.

Our heroic friend said that in the Islamic world, the mihrab of the mosque faces the Kaaba, and he said that it would be inappropriate to start the construction of the holy building on a new day and to start these works facing the Kaaba. Haji Arkadag also said once again that it would be advisable to build an educational madrasa near the mosque along with an almshouse, and gave some advice on how to properly conduct the construction of the buildings.

Then our Heroic Friend Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov drove along the wide streets of the center in his car. On the way, our Honorable Friend observed the inscriptions on the names of the buildings built here, their features and color shades.

Chairman of the People's Council of the National Council Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov "The state is for the people!" He said that the motto is the foundation of the life-oriented state policy and the large-scale reforms that are being implemented, and he left here, wishing the leaders of the construction of Arkadag city of Ahal Velayat success in implementing large-scale works.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper