The concert is held to pay tribute to the memory of talented gymnast and dancer Parahat Orazliyev

Eternal light of the star is the name of charity concert organized to pay tribute to the memory of outstanding air gymnast Parahat Orazliyev whose life had expired at the very beginning. He was only 29.

Turkmen circus lovers will never forget bright breath-taking performance of Parahat. The air gymnast literally flew from the curtains to the dome of the circus and virtuously made complex tricks holding the audience in tension throughout the performance.

There are some professions that related to high risk for life. Spacemen, test pilots, military personnel, firefighters and trapeze artists are among those who are not afraid of extreme work conditions and who have strong motivation to the self-improvement.

One wanted to object the words of poet Leonid Derbenev who said there is one bright glaring moment for the star that broke away and falling. No! and it will be confirmed by the friends, family members, colleagues and all lovers of Parahat's talent. The moment multiplied by the memory is an eternity. That is why the organizer of the charity concert � Music Association of Turkmenistan, called this concert Eternal light of the start.

Parahat's life was unfairly short, however it was bright and dedicated to the favourite work. He left us on the peak of his glory In July last year, Parahat became the laureate of International Circus Art Festival Echo of Asia in belt-solo nomination, having left behind his colleagues from Monaco, China, Egypt, Russia, Belarus, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. He was awarded with Cold Cup with engraved sign saying For High Performance Skills and Professionalism for his outstanding performance. He was also awarded with the special prize from Belarus State Circus. In the year of 2017, he became the winner of the President of Turkmenistan Award.

Parahat came to the circus two month after revival of this art in our country. Master of sports in sport gymnastics and excellent dancer, who had 10 years of experience in famous ensemble, was accepted in the collective with pleasure. He combine the work of trapeze artist with the study in Turkmen State Culture Institute on the faculty of stage and circus games. He was hurrying to live, easily cope with the workload winning new heights of the profession. After the graduation from the Institute, he taught in dancing studio school and according to his colleagues, was one of the best modern choreographers.

His students as well as members of various dance bands of the capital have gathered in the concert hall Turkmenistan to support the widow of the artist Diana and his son Emin. The concert was opened by choreographic composition The Angels performed by ballet show Boheme. The choreographic language sounded expressively on the background of the video narrating about Parahat's life.

Parahat was fond of the break-dance. The concert programme included various dance directions but the break-dance was dominating. Emin, the son of Parahat, was the youngest artist performed at the stage.

Original pantomime The Suitcase was demonstrated by circus artist Vepa Atayev. What is inside the suitcase, which is controlled by artists movements � this was the question that intrigued the spectators until Vepa took air balloon out of the suitcase.

Rovshen Melyaev outstandingly played the role of mechanized doll and strike the public with sharp plastics of his moves.

By the perfromances, the dancers of Dance Power, Sky Libert, Flash bands, ballet show Jeyran, Shamahan and other expressed their worshiping of unique talent and memory of the Star, which light would never fade

The funds of charity concert were handed over to the family of Parahat Orazliyev.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper