The Congress in Avaza outlined new vectors of partnership development in the global gas sector

In the Avaza National Tourist Zone, the 8th International Gas Congress of Turkmenistan completed the work and a sectoral exhibition, associated with it, given a fresh impetus to the development of international partnership in the energy sector.

Participation in the Congress of representatives of sectoral departments, major international organizations and companies in the oil-and-gas industry shows the interest of business circles of the planet to the cooperation with Turkmenistan that possesses huge economic potential. The forum gathered more than 300 delegates from USA, Japan, China, Republic of Korea, European Union, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Iran, Pakistan, totally from 36 states.

As it was highlighted in the course of TGC-2017, large-scale investment projects, implemented by Turkmenistan, are of great economic consequence and play a significant role in strengthening regional energy security. In terms of the proven natural gas reserves, Turkmenistan ranks fourth in the world, and even now it is one of the main blue fuel suppliers in Central Asia.

Due to its favorable geopolitical position and rich deposits of hydrocarbons, Turkmenistan has a potential for further increase of gas exports to various destinations, including European and Asian markets. Work on the gas processing industry development, construction of enterprises based on innovative technologies producing a wide range of gas chemical products is also underway.

The topic of diversification of Turkmen gas export to world markets was highlighted in the speeches of Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources of Pakistan Mr. Jam Kamal Khan and President of Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) Mr. Seung-Hun Lee. Hundred percent success!, General Director of CNPC International Turkmenistan Mr. Dan Mingming described so the experience of joint work of China National Petroleum Corporation and Turkmen partners. In accordance with the Production-Sharing Agreement, CNPC, which has more than thousands of Turkmen specialists, carries out exploration, oilfield construction and reserve development in the territory of Bagtyyarlyk becoming one of the sources of raw materials for the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline.

General Counsel at Energy Charter Secretariat Dr. Jose Alejandro Carballo Leyda informed about the work in the framework of Turkmenistan's presidency in the Energy Charter Conference. It was noted that the Energy Charter Forum, forthcoming next week in Ashgabat, will discuss the issues on improving the mechanisms of international cooperation in the energy sector, the development of a multilateral Framework Agreement on transit of energy resources.

The prospects for cooperation in the development of gas resources of Turkmenistan were in the focus of the reports made by representatives of the companies Total, Dragon Oil, Burckhardt Compression, Eriell Group, Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation and etc.

The second day of the Congress consisted of several thematic sessions, one of which was devoted to Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project. It was noted that the 214-kilometer Turkmen gas pipeline section laying is conducted according to schedule, and completion of all works is planned at the end of 2018. In January in Ashgabat, it was signed contract between the TAPI Pipeline Company Limited and ILF companies (FRG) on the provision of services for pre-design and project management in territory of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Technical works started in the territory of these states. Managing Director of the company ILF Consulting Engineers Dr. Stefan Burkle represented the detailed information to the audience.

Afghanistan views TAPI as a priority national project, said senior economic and financial adviser to the President of Afghanistan Mr.Ajmal Ahmadi. Noting that the gas pipeline project will connect natural gas-rich Turkmenistan with the energy-demanding countries of South-Easter Asia, he underlines that the practical project implementation will co-operate to the solution of the region's economic problems, social and humanitarian issues.

Chairman of the company Inter State Gas Systems Mr. Mobin Saulat called the TAPI construction to be the most important event in the global energy sector. Great progress, achieved in the TAPI project promotion was noted in the speeches of Senior Advisor to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Mr. Chin Choon Fong and Head of Project Financing at EY/AHB Dr. Sebastian Hofert von Weiss.

Reports of subdivision heads of the Turkmen fuel and energy complex � the Turkmenbashi Refinery Complex, the Turkmengeologiya and Turkmenneftegazstroy State Corporations, the Turkmengaz State Concern, scientific community members on the prospects for investment in gas processing sector were received with interest. In the near future at the Turkmenbashi Refinery Complex, it is planned the construction of new processing units � Hydrotreating unit of diesel fuels, catalytic isodewaxing, residual fuel catalytic cracking (RFCC), hydrofining secondary gasolines, hydrogen production, etc.

In conjunction with the Turkmengaz State Concern, the feasibility of the benzene production at the refinery in Turkmenbashi and Seydi cities, with the purpose of use as raw material for producing polystyrene and caoutchouc is under investigation. The construction of installations for benzene recovery will allow the Turkmen petrochemists to displace completely to the production of gasolines, corresponding to Euro 5 standards. One more promising project � the set up for production of graphite and graphitized products from petroleum coke.

The Turkmengaz State Concern intends to construct large gas chemical complexes for production of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, monoethylene glycol, dimethyl ether and other chemical products.

The speeches touched on the environmental impact of the FEC activities, it was emphasized that the environmental policy of Turkmenistan is aimed at ensuring the ecological well-being, rational and sustainable use of natural resources.

Today, there were also held numerous business meetings between foreign businessmen and heads of oil and gas departments and concerns of Turkmenistan. The possibilities for cooperation, identified in the course of negotiations, will facilitate the realization of the domestic gas industry potential.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper