The construction of the faculty of Olympic sports begins

The works on the establishment of the Olympic sports faculty, which will enter the structure of the National Institute of Sports and Tourism start on Turkmenbashi Avenue. On an area of more than ten hectares - from the southern wing of the university building to the crossing with Oguzkhan Street will be formed an administrative and educational cluster.

The project, which will be implemented by the company Ajayip gurlushik, provides the reconstruction of the eight-story office building of the company Impash, where the Ministry of Sport and Tourism will be located, and in the building of the former supermarket with the same name will be located the Olympic sports department. The multi-profile sports complex, a five-story hostel, a recreation area, parking lots, bicycles and racetracks will be built in the adjoining territory. In the building of the Ministry, in addition to the business zone, there is a conference hall, a museum, a room for simulators.

The multi-profile system for training high-class athletes and an Olympic reserve with the extensive use of science-intensive information technologies is supposed to be implemented in the new faculty. The modern training base will be created in accordance with the concept of integrated training, in addition to classrooms with modern computer support. The halls for the training of boxers, masters of all kinds of martial arts and martial arts, fencing, table tennis and other sports will function in particular. Specialized premises will be equipped with sensory mannequins and modern simulators.

The scientific base of the faculty makes possible using high technologies of medical, biological, and psychological support of the educational process, modern methods of express diagnostics of the condition of athletes. There will be a department of sports medicine, functional diagnostic rooms, rehabilitation halls, and training facilities in high altitude and with a cryogenic chamber, laboratories for measuring and analyzing muscle mass, and others.

There will be educational auditoriums, classrooms for teachers, a gym, facilities for game sports, billiards and tennis, as well as chess, massage rooms, a medical center and other specialized and auxiliary facilities in the two-story multi-discipline sports complex. The new training and sports complex will become a base for the training of Turkmen Olympians and highly qualified coaches

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper