The Dean of Belarus State University tells about the list of universities acknowledged by Turkmenistan

The Dean of the Pre-University Education Department of Belarus State University Vyacheslav Malofeyev has told the media outlet about the changes in the contingent of prospective students from Turkmenistan after the list of universities, the diplomas of which will be acknowledged, was limited.

If Turkmen school graduates have previously sought to get admitted to one of 15 Belarus universities, now everyone is willing to get enrolled into Belarus State University as it is the only higher educational establishment in the list. Last year a total of 120 Turkmenistan's nationals were admitted to the University whereas this year this number is over 600.

It should be mentioned that foreign students will be admitted until 15 October, which means that their number might increase.

According to Malofeyev, the newly-introduced changes will not apply to those who are already doing a course of studies in Belarus universities. However, as Chronicles of Turkmenistan has previously reported Turkmen students studying in Belarus are barred from exiting the country by Turkmenistan's Migration Office.

Turkmenistan's authorities made a decision not to acknowledge the diplomas of overseas universities, including Belarus higher educational establishments, in 74 fields of specialization, primarily in the Humanities. The restrictions will not apply to those who got enrolled in Engineering, Science or medical fields of qualification. In this connection many university applicants are choosing engineering departments.

� Judging by logic of the Turkmen side � for the time being we have not received any clarifications from Turkmenistan � this is not a bad idea. By pursuing such policy, Turkmenistan will have more engineers and medical doctors. There is an oversaturation of economists and lawyers in the country. The Turkmen authorities want other specialists to return to their home country, � Olga Khatkevich, counselor of the International Cooperation Department of Belarus Ministry of Education, commented on the situation.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan