The delegation of Romania visits Institute of Economy and Management

The meeting with Rector of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies Nicolae Istudor and Prorector Constantin Marius Profiroiu at the Turkmen State Institute of Economy and Management focused on the prospects for widening the bilateral partnership in the academic sphere.

The members of the Romanian delegation got acquainted with the reforms taken place in our country. In this regard it was noted that the innovative model of development of modern Turkmenistan required the high professionalism from the specialists of all spheres and industries, the regular scientific capacity building, i.e. the education of the new generation of intellectuals and skilled personnel allround, creatively thinking, freely oriented in the achievements of the scientific and technological progress.

Having identified these issues as the key vectors of the state policy, the President of Turkmenistan pays particular attention to bringing the national science and education to the world level, creating all conditions for the harmonious development of the youth.

In this regard, the emphasis is put on the enhancement of the international cooperation in these areas, the development of science diplomacy that contribute to the exchange of knowledge, technologies, intellectual and artistic resources and, accordingly, to strengthening the interstate relations, establishing the reliable bridges of friendship and cooperation.

It was noted during the meeting that an important step in consolidating the bilateral dialogue in the humanitarian sphere was the visit of the delegation of Turkmenistan to Romania in 2018, in frames of which the ways for the further widening of the efficient relations in the sphere of education and science were identified.

The meeting participants emphasized the importance of the Main Agreement on cooperation in the sphere of education, science and culture between the Turkmen State Institute of Economy and Management and the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, signed in October 2018.

Speaking about the huge potential for building up the fruitful partnership in the interest of the two countries, the members of the Romanian delegation expressed the aspiration to take an active part in the implementation of programmes and projects in the educational sphere.

The 20192023 Action Plan based the Memorandum of Mutual Understanding between the Turkmen State Institute of Economy and Management and the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies on the educational and academic cooperation was signed on the outcomes of the meeting.

The document envisages the exchange of the multimedia and electronic resources, research and methodological information on the development of digital economy and improvement of the educational plans, Bachelor's and Master's programmes as well as distance learning process. Moreover, the professors of the universities will participate in the educational process and the teachers' development activities and joint scientific researches will be held in the near future

The programme of the visit of the Romanian delegation to Turkmenistan included the lecture at the Turkmen State Institute of Economy and Management as well as the excursion to the National Turkmen Carpet's Museum and the State Museum of the State Cultural Centre.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper