The dismissal of the accountants of the Ministry of Education has led to an increase in payment for kindergartens

The dismissal of accountants in the Ashgabat city police station, which the Chronicle of Turkmenistan reported on February 14, led to an increase in payment for kindergartens.

Now parents must transfer money through the bank. In this regard, as reported by the ANT , the amount of payment for kindergartens has increased: instead of 80 manat per month, people pay 86.90 manat, of which 5 manat is the bank commission, and 1.90 is a deduction for the receipt, which must be presented in preschool.

In addition to a tangible increase in the monthly fee, parents need to wait in line at the banks once a month during working hours.

Previously, one of the employees of the preschool institution collected payment for the kindergartens from the parents and transferred the money to the accounting office of the City Public Safety Institute, where monthly financial reports were then prepared for the Ministry of Education.

As part of cost optimization, the department, whose 28 employees were involved in accounting and controlling funds received for payment for kindergartens, were dismissed.

Turkmenistan will also fire a third of the staff of the reformed institutes of the Academy of Sciences and have already cut hundreds of employees of the Ministry of Construction.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan