The dollar exchange rate in Turkmenistan reaches 21,5 manats

Correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report that the dollar exchange rate is currently fluctuating between 18,4 and 21,5 manats.

This is causing a further price hike for all basic groceries and merchandise.

For instance, the price for a 1,5 liter bottle of Berezengi water increased from 1 to 3,5-4 manats last week.

A pack of sodium carbonate, which cost 2 manats a month ago, is now sold at 26 manats.

Chronicles of Turkmenistan have reported that on 11 May the dollar exchange rate in Ashgabat soared to 21 manats, which is six times higher than the official rate, and on 13 May it dropped to 20 manats. The weakening manat rate resulted in the price hike for groceries, medications and various services.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan