The dollar exchange rate on the “black market” of Ashgabat on May 15

The dollar exchange rate on the "black market" of Ashgabat remains stable and as of May 15 is an average of 19.5 manats when buying and 19.7 manats when selling.

The value of the dollar fell to 20 manats in December 2021. Since then, the rate has periodically dropped to 16 manats, but since March it has remained stable at the level of 19-20 manats per dollar.

Due to the lack of other open statistical data, the exchange rate is one of the few relatively objective indicators of the state of the Turkmen economy, therefore, during the period of instability, the Chronicle of Turkmenistan published the current value of the dollar on a weekly basis. However, due to the stabilization of the exchange rate, there is no need for this at the moment. The editors of HT will continue to monitor the exchange rate, but we will only report it in case of a significant change.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan