The EU project “Support of Education in Turkmenistan” analysed

National Institute of Education hosted video conference session of the Board Committee of European Union Project “Support of Education in Turkmenistan”.

Head of the Project Stephan Zivert as well as Financial Manager and managing Director took part in the session from the EU side.

Turkmenistan was represented by the management of the NIO and specialists of the Ministry of education, which is the main beneficiary of the project, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, collegial members of the Committee including personnel of some ministries and departments, trade unions and public organizations.

Scientific and educational sphere is the main vector of cooperation between Turkmenistan and EU. Taking into account objectives in training of qualified specialists, Turkmen side proposed to emphasize in this direction including initial, secondary and higher professional education under new EU strategy for Central Asia.

Appropriateness of activation of exchanges between European and Central Asian Universities, programme of practice of young specialists has been highlighted. At present, work for inclusion of universities of the country to the list of prestige higher educational facilities of international level is carried out in Turkmenistan on request of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The EU project “Support of Education in Turkmenistan”, which is implemented with participation of international experts, has been started in the end of 2016. Its goal is to render support to our country in creation of innovative model of education meeting international standards.

The main objectives of the project is to increase level of education, to modernize educational programmes and materials according to advanced European practice and analysis of labour market situation.

Training seminars and educational events dedicated to priority aspects of development of educational system, use of world practice and introduction of innovative educational methods are organized under the project. Specialized training courses, meeting with partners and international experts are held regularly in NIO where the main office of the project is located.

Special course are focused on active support of innovative reforms. Thus, special course for teachers of universities aimed at obtaining digital competence in creation and use of capabilities of international portal MOODLE for expansion of virtual territory of electronic educational resources is among held events. Later, this international platform has been introduced to educational process of twenty high schools of the country owing to the students of special course.

Outcomes of realization of the seventh phase of the project have been summed up and aspects of its realization in the final period in April – September 2020 has been outlined during the meeting of the Committee Board. Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper