The events of the International Industry Conference started in the Turkmen seaside

Today, in the Turkmen seaside, which cordially hosts numerous foreign guests these days, a number of exhibitions were opened, demonstrating success in the transport complex and logistics, a wide range of modern services offered, organized within the framework of the International Conference at the level of Ministers of Transport of developing countries that do not have access to the sea.

Strengthening international cooperation in the transport sector is one of the key aspects of the policy of Turkmenistan, consistently implemented by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov. The industry forums held in our country are aimed at intensifying interaction in this area, which plays an important role in the development of interstate trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian ties.

In modern conditions, transport communications are one of the key segments of the world economy, directly affecting the stability and balance of world economic relations. Therefore, the relevance and relevance of the constructive initiatives of Turkmenistan aimed at optimizing mutually beneficial partnerships in the field of transport is obvious.

Strengthening cooperation in the Caspian Sea is one of the priority vectors of Turkmenistan's foreign policy, based on the principles of positive neutrality, good neighborliness and the "open door" policy. Under the leadership of Arkadaglu Serdar, our country is making a significant contribution to the realization of the impressive diverse potential of the ancient Khazar, fully contributing to securing its status as a sea of peace, friendship and harmony.

As part of the program of today's events, there is an exhibition organized for arriving guests and participants of the forum at the Turkmenbashi International Airport, which tells about large-scale projects in civil aviation.

We are talking about the construction of new airports, terminals, engineering facilities, as well as the modernization and reconstruction of existing ones. Thus, work continues on the construction of a hangar complex at the International Airport of the capital.

There are pavilions of the international air harbors of the capital and administrative centers of the country's regions, Jebel and Kerki airports, the Türkmenhowaýollary agency, Türkmenistan Airlines OJSC, as well as representative offices of a number of foreign airlines.

Great importance is attached to improving the material and technical base of civil aviation, for which the latest aircraft and helicopters are purchased, highly professional personnel are trained, existing air harbors are modernized and new air harbors are being built. Thus, in 2010 and 2018, international airports were put into operation in the cities of Turkmenbashi and Turkmenabat. In 2016, the opening of a new complex of Ashgabat International Airport took place. In June 2021, the International Airport was put into operation in the city of Kerki, Lebap Velayat, and a month later, in July, the construction of a new air harbor in the village of Jebel was launched.

Today, not only the capital's air harbor, but also airports in the regions of the country are able to receive aircraft of almost any type and carrying capacity.

It should be noted that all airports being built in the country fully meet modern requirements and international standards, primarily in the field of ensuring flight safety and a high level of passenger service, and are equipped with advanced radio navigation equipment from the French company Thales.

At present, relevant work is being carried out to establish air communication between different countries, which will help strengthen economic ties. Particular attention is paid to the introduction of new technologies in the development of air navigation infrastructure and in improving the quality of the service sector for air passengers. Therefore, national aviation plays a key role here, providing a significant multiplier effect on the country's economy.

In the afternoon, the platform for a large-scale exposition was the first floor of the ferry and passenger terminal on the territory of the International Sea Port of the city of Turkmenbashi, which, in fact, is a unique innovative facility, in the arrangement of which advanced engineering solutions were applied.

The global interest in the western region is due to a number of important factors, among which a special place is given to the Caspian Sea. Its significance goes far beyond its geographical limits due to the fact that the Caspian is rapidly becoming one of the key centers of geopolitical and geo-economic processes. A large world-class transport and transit hub is being formed here, which includes sea, land and air routes.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH