The exposition of melons arranged at the Museum of Fine Arts filled with rich colors and aromas of summer

The exhibition dedicated to the Turkmen Melon Day arranged in the Museum of Fine Arts greeted the visitors with the sunny palette of the generous harvest of melons. Scientists, doctors and breeders told about the healing properties of the 'paradise fruit', new varieties of melons, the secrets of their cultivation during the opening ceremony of the thematic exposition.

A recent graduate of the State Academy of Arts Soyun Sahatklychev - the author of one of the paintings expressed the admiration with 'the queen of melon plantations' in the poetic form. A small picture, 'emitting the odours' of summer, included the melon varieties � a melon, a pumpkin and a watermelon, as well as cheerful, rosy-cheeked apples and appetizing grapes. There is a lot of light in the picture, accentuated by an airy image of sunlight.

Tamara Kiseleva presented an interesting picture On the native land. The theme of the picture is the choice on the most delicious and sugary melon. A mother, who shows a sweet fruit she chose to the little son and watches over his reaction, is depicted in the foreground. The boy looks with interest to other appetizing fruits. An old man, who shares the secrets of choosing the most delicious melon with grandchildren, is depicted in the background. The plain, at first glance, plot focuses on the family values.

The original painting Harvest Festival by the People's Artist of Turkmenistan Annadurdy Almamedov: a young suntanned girl with beautiful black braids holds a big tray with vegetables and fruits on her head. On the one hand, a generalized image of a young village woman is similar to the image of the goddess of fertility, and on the other hand - a tray with fruits is perceived as the original headdress of an extravagant woman of fashion. Despite the color saturation of the canvas, it does not abound with contrasting transitions - warm color nuances and air water color harmoniously convey the generous fertility of the Turkmen land and the diligence of its people.

Three young women in bright national dresses harvesting melons are depicted in the picture by Ivan Myagkov. The artist effectively used the cheerful saturated yellow and emerald shades of melons, emphasizing the expressive beauty of melon pickers, as a background.

The rich color palette is used in almost every still-life exhibited at the exposition. We can see juicy slices of sweet melon, surrounded by delicate peaches, apples, grapes, pieces of red juicy watermelons and orange pumpkin at the painting Generosity by the national artist of Turkmenistan Yakub Annanurov, as well as in the Summer work by Gennady Babikov.

Merdan Kakabayev in his work Gulyabi and Grapes specially arranged fruits and grapes on blue fabric to effectively emphasize their brightness.

Evgeny Grishin depicted a scientist, scrupulously writing down the rates of growth of the experimental melon variety, in his work The Portrait of a Breeder.

The painting Golden Melon by Natalia Kalugina attracts with the original composition and color solution. The artist, in order to emphasize the value of a melon for the Turkmen people, presented it in gold, and used a black and white sachak background.

The exhibition dedicated to the Turkmen melon holiday is held in the museum annually, and every time it pleases the audience with new original works.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper