The factory shop for the production of electronic electricity meters is launched

The license for the production and sale of single-phase electronic electricity meters was received by specialists of the new workshop of the Turkmenkabel plant of the Turkmenmashinstroy concern. Annually will be produced up to 180 thousand modern high-quality products.

Electronic devices are assembled on equipment and components from the Turkish company MAKEL that supplied by the company GAP Insaat. The workshop is equipped with more than 20 types of equipment - mounting tables, spot welding and soldering devices, stands for testing meters. Finished products undergo several stages of testing errors with external influences are detected with the help of accurate measurements: changes in the voltage in the network, different temperature conditions - from -40 to +80 degrees, with mechanical action, and also the influence of noise.

The workshop staff has already prepared for implementation several thousands of single-phase meters that have received a certificate of compliance with existing standards. Electronic meters produced at the Turkmenkabel plant will replace electromechanical induction meters used in residential buildings. The new device has many advantages in comparison with previous one.

Electronic power meters provide high accuracy of measurements in accordance with international (IEC) and interstate (GOST) standards. Experts plan to expand the range of products by developing a three-phase electronic meter assembly that is used in production.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper