The film “Red Jacket” will be shown at the International Film Festival in Yekaterinburg

Turkmen director Sahysalyh Bayramov's feature film "Red Coat" was included in the program of films to be screened within the framework of the First International Film Festival "Sixth" of previously unscreened films of the Eurasian climate, which will be held in Yekaterinburg from August 12 to 18.

The feature film "Red Kurta" was shot in the spirit of respect for the national values of the Turkmen people. This real-life story tells about the fate of a village girl whose husband went to war. In one of his letters, a young soldier asks his bride not to remove her red kurta, a wedding dress decorated with national decorations.

Turkmen film lovers appreciated the new film created by the "Turkmenfilm" creative association named after Oguzhan. The screening of the film in the country took place within the framework of this year's Culture Week . The film was also shown in the foreign space of the TURKSOY International Film Forum held in Turkey in July this year.

- We heard a lot of positive opinions about our activities both in Turkmenistan and abroad - director Sahysalyh Bayramov said. - Currently, we are working on a new script for the upcoming film, and of course, we are preparing to show our film "Red Jacket" in the capital of the Urals.

The extensive program of the Sixth Film Festival includes more than 20 foreign feature films and documentaries. Along with them, the screening of multiplex films was also planned. In the creative space, film forum participants will discuss important issues in the contemporary film industry, and the actor will also visit the script labs. Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Croatian, South Korean and Russian experts are also expected to speak.

Jury members of the film festival include actress Yuliya Snigir (Russia), consultant on Russian and Central Asian cinema at the Pusan International Film Festival Hong Sanwu (South Korea), director, producer, screenwriter Mehdi Fard Ghaderi, who won the main prize at the Moscow Film Festival for the film "Son". (Iran) and others.

As part of the competition program, winners will be determined in four categories.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper