The Foreign Ministers of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Türkiye met in Avaza on the eve of the trilateral summit

On the eve of the first trilateral summit, the heads of the foreign ministries of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Türkiye held talks in the National Tourist Zone «Avaza».

The parties exchanged views on the current state and prospects of multifaceted cooperation between the three states. The progress of the practical implementation of the agreements reached earlier, topical issues on the global and regional agenda were also discussed.

At the talks, it was noted that Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Türkiye approached the first Summit with a solid experience of interaction. At present, thanks to an active close multi-level partnership, the parties are building their relations on the basis of a balance of national and common interests.

An important place in this is given to the activation of political and diplomatic mechanisms, which, in the opinion of the meeting participants, should be activated, giving the negotiations a systemic character.

In this context, a number of constructive proposals were made on the development of interaction in strategic vectors for the economies of the three countries. Particular emphasis was placed on the importance of building up partnerships in trade, economic, energy, transport and communications, as well as in the humanitarian area.

As noted, the realization of the existing huge potential for deepening productive contacts between Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Türkiye will contribute to the further expansion of fruitful cooperation built on the basis of equality and trust.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper