The fraudster was selling non-existent tickets to Turkmenistan. Until the end of the year, there are no tickets for Turkmen Airlines from Russia

In the Russian city of Armavir, a 22-year-old swindler was detained, who was selling non-existent air tickets to Turkmenistan, the Utrenny Yug newspaper reports .


The swindler published advertisements for the sale of tickets on the Internet and thus found four “clients” who transferred 30,000 rubles per ticket (about $500) to his account. Having received the money, the detainee stopped communicating.


The fraudster faces up to six years in prison. Whether the money was returned to the victims is not specified.


Meanwhile, the Turkmenportal publication reports on the resumption of the sale of international air tickets online on the official website of Turkmen Airlines.


Planes fly from Moscow to Turkmenbashi twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays. It was not possible to find free tickets until the end of the year, all the seats are already taken. Tickets for next year are not yet on sale online.


You can also get from Russia to Turkmenistan by Kazan-Turkmenabat flight (flies twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays), but just like in the previous case, there are no free tickets until the end of this year, and next year they are not yet sold.


Earlier, Radio Azatlyk reported that there were no tickets for flights to Turkmenistan from Istanbul until the end of the year.


There are tickets for international flights in the opposite direction (departures from Ashgabat) in December. As previously reported , their cost is AZN 5,758 to Dubai, AZN 8,225 to Frankfurt, and an average of AZN 6,850 to Moscow, Kazan and Istanbul.




Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan