The graph featuring changes in the Turkmen gas exports over the past 10 years

The German news outlet OWC AuAyenwirtschaft has published a graph to show the changes in the directions of Turkmen gas imports. The graph is based on BP data.

In 2009 Russia's Gazprom was the main importer of Turkmen gas, which purchased over 10 billion cubic meters of gas a year, followed by Iran with about 6 billion cubic meters, whereas in 2018 China virtually became an exclusive importer with the volume of about 33 billion cubic meters of gas.

Interestingly enough, since 2017 small volumes of gas have been supplied to the Middle East countries.

It should be emphasized that the graph shows only the volumes of imported gas without taking into account into its cost.

Let us recall that in April 2019 Turkmengas resumed gas exports to Russia. Starting from July 2019, Gazprom is scheduled to purchase 5,5billion cubic meters of gas per year. The contract gas price has not been disclosed.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan