The guests of Iran Decorative and Applied Arts Exhibition appreciates fine works of oriental masters

Under the Cultural Week of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the gallery of exhibition hall of the State Academy of Arts hosted the exhibition of painting works and samples of decorative and applied arts of friendly country. Its exhibits � original graphic works, famous Persian carpets, modern polygraph publishings, jewellery, exclusive hand-made dishware, fine lamps, jewellery boxes and chests, introduced art heritage and modern trends of development of Iranian art to Ashgabat citizens.

The majority of presented items were made in Ancient Shiraz located on the south-west of Iran. This is a hometown of famous poets Saadi and Khafiz and it is also known as a city of masters. Splendid lamps from Shiraz made of thin glass and painted with gold is compulsory item of Iranian girls' dowry. The same section presents glass tea sets, which are used only on special occasions.

Pomegranate fruits made of ceramics scattered on exhibition table are near miniature ceramic birds. These items are sacred for Iranian people. They are considered to bring to attract the fortune to the house and that is why they are the main gifts during Novruz celebration.

Large collection of dolls familiarized the visitors with national dress of nomad tribe Avshar. Wide pleated bright skirts, waistcoats embroidered with gold threads, all these dresses is mandatory celebration attribute even in our days, especially during wedding ceremonies. For the girls, there are shortened skirts with wide trouser.

Two exhibition displays are occupied by the souvenir plates made of metal ceramics. One collection was made by masters from Shiraz and another one from Isfahan. Despite the similarity in manufacturing process, they are distinguished by painting styles and at the same time blue and light blue colours dominate in both collections. The items are so beautiful so they remind open peacock tails.

The masters form Isfahan presented two glass sets including candelabrums, tall glasses of two sizes and vases. This items are not used in daily life but serve as home decorations. The exhibition is full with Persian carpets and other carpet items of fine work.

Large interest of the visitors was rose by the exposition of polygraph production. It present 15 glossy magazines narrating on history of foundation and development of largest Iranian cities. The photo album demonstrating most beautiful places of this country, rare species of flora and fauna, will familiarize with rich nature of the country. Looking through the pages of this bright magazine, Ashgabat visitors got acquainted not only with natural places of interest of the country but also with the skills of Iranian photographers.

The guests stooped for quite a time at the exhibition of fiction literature, going through the pages of Magtumguly two-volume edition, Mollanepes and Hezreti Sarakhs Baba books. Two-volume edition of Abu Ali ibn Sina, where guidance on philosophy Treatise on Definition and Treatise on Ethics by the oriental genius are published, attracted the attention of readers. Book collection of the exposition were the reflection of historical and spiritual community of two fraternal people.

The exhibition of national applied art of Iran demonstrated again the variety of subjects surrounding us every day, which can tell about people. The guests of the exhibition highly appreciated exposed items � fine and original samples of riches oriental art.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper