The Head of State requests to provide the participants of Asian Games with food and trade services

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held the session with number of deputy Chairmen of the cabinet of Ministers, leaders of some branch ministries and departments. The agenda of the session included the solution of specific issues of preparation for V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games including service, trade and catering spheres.

Speaking to the participants of the session, the Head of the State highlighted that all subjects of the coming large sports forum in Ashgabat, provision of trade and other services are an important aspect of preparation to the continental competitions and indicators of high level of organization.

Asian Fames will allow bringing national sports movement to new level. It will give strong impulse to involvement of young generation to regular sports exercises, to training of sportsmen of high class and national teams.

Our state demonstrates responsible and initiative approach to solution of all subjects of preparation of Ashgabat 2017 Games. It was mentioned that preparation to V Asian Games is carried out under democratization of Turkmen society and increased political and social activity of the population. Turkmenistan will appear as the country of peace and prosperity for great number of people.

It is necessary to provide the participants of V Asian Games with high quality production made by local manufacturers, textile, food, souvenir, etc., - the President highlighted. It is necessary to show the customs and traditions of our people, its hospitality and unity, progress in all spheres of life to the world, - Turkmen Leader noted.

Addressing Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers E. Orazgeldiyev, the Head of the State highlighted the importance of provision of the sportsmen and the guests of the Games with various food products made by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management and State food industry associations and requested to pay special attention to design of packing, which have to reflect the symbols of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

Vice-Premier O. Gurbannazarov was commissioned to provide trade and catering services during the Games on proper level. it is necessary to provide the sale of different production including the souvenirs at the places of competitions. Shopping centres next to the Olympic village have to work all day around, the Head of the State mentioned.

As is known Turkmen cuisine is rich by fine dishes. Fresh vegetable and agricultural production is also deserving adornment of Turkmen hospitality, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said, having addressed Chairman of the UIET A. Dadayev with specific instructions.

The Union of Industrialist and Entrepreneurs is responsible for proper activity of food outlets for the sportsmen of the Games, members of official delegations, guests, representatives of mass media, volunteers and service personnel, - the Head of the State has said, having noted the necessity of organization of high quality service.

Deputy Chairman off the Cabinet of Ministers S. Toyliyev was requested to provide control for the quality of food production supplied for the sportsmen and guests of the Games.

State sanitary and epidemiology service has to control proper storage of food products, cooking of the dishes and adherence to sanitary and hygiene standards, - the President highlighted.

The Head of the State requested to provide transport for timely delivery of different goods related to V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

We face big issues of organization of Asian Games on high level. There are all opportunities for successful conduct of the Games and everyone must responsibly take their duties. We have to make everything possible for further increase of international prestige of the country,- the Head of the State summed up.

Source; Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper