The Head of the State and the President of the Equestrian Federation of Bahrain discuss the aspects of cooperation

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov received Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council for Environment, President of the Royal Races and Equestrian Competitions of the Kingdom Of Bahrain Sheikh Faysal Bin Rashid Bin Isa Al Khalifa who arrived in our country for the participation in the events on occasion of National Turkmen Horse Holiday.

Having expressed the gratitude for spared time and invitation to take part in the events aimed at the development of cooperation in horse breeding and equestrian sport spheres, the guest congratulated the Head of the State on the holiday, which has united professionals in this area in ancient Turkmen land, having presented the ground for discussion of current issues.

Having expressed the gratitude for congratulations and good words, the Head of the State noted that our country, which is the homeland of legendary 'heaven' horses, pays special attention to protection and spreading of national traditions of horse breeding, wide popularization of this unique horse breed around the world.

Cooperation in modern equestrian sports was the subject of interested exchange of the opinions.

Turkmen leader highlighted that from ancient times, Turkmen people develop equestrian sport as a method of test and development of speed characteristics, which is an outstanding feature of ahalteke horses. Our country is open for efficient cooperation in this direction and the practice of Bahrain, which breeds pure Arabic horses for more than 200 years and equestrian sport has old traditions and high achievements, deserves special attention, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said.

In his turn, Sheikh Faysal Bin Rashid Bin Isa Al Khalifa noted that profile infrastructure, which has been made in Turkmenistan, allows hosting international competitions of high class. This is visually indicated by International Ahalteke and Ashgabat Equestrian Complexes, which are equipped on the level of the world standards for organization of races and other equestrian competitions.

In the end of the meeting, the guest congratulated the Head of Turkmenistan again on this excellent holiday, having wished happiness, prosperity and success in achievements of high goals to Turkmen leader and nation.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper