The Head of the State approves COVID-19 Preventive Readiness Plan of Turkmenistan

At the session of the Government, Vice-premier, Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov informed about development of the Coronavirus Pandemic Preventive Readiness and Response Plan of Turkmenistan, which was presented to the Head of the State for review.

As is known, the United Nations Secretary General proposed initiative on consolidation of efforts in combating of sever infectious disease in May this year. The UN General Assembly has also adopted number of important documents in this direction. It includes two special Resolutions and three Plans in the sphere of international cooperation and solidarity in combating the pandemic of COVID-19.

In this regard, relative ministries and departments together with the Representative Office of the UN Permanent Coordinator in our country as well as with Representative Office of the UNDP, UNICEF, UNPF, WHO, World Bank, International Migration Organization and other structures had meetings on the level of heads and specialists in April – May. It resulted in development of the Draft Plan of readiness of Turkmenistan for combating severe infectious disease and response measure.

This plan has been reviewed at the regular session of Emergency Commission for combating of the spread of diseases on May 10. Prevention of the above-mentioned infection in Turkmenistan, its spread as well as support of rates of social and economic development of the country on proper level during pandemic period are the main goals of the Plan.

According to the Plan, which also specifies order and mechanisms of cooperation with Who and other partners, proper measures are provided for realization in number of directions. It includes provision of high level and modernization of equipment and facility base of health protection system for combating infectious diseases, regular renovation of relative equipment and supplies on scientific and methodological base, implementation of advanced international practice.

The plan is also aimed at provision of readiness of profile national personnel, their professional improvement taking into account the trends of development of the world medicine, at improvement of quality of work of medical personnel in the most required specializations, in particular virologists and immunologists, following the situation in the world.

In addition, the document provides improvement of scientific, methodological and regulatory base of health protection sphere based on international practice and following recommendation of WHO. Development of priority spheres of national medicine is outlined among one of the directions of the Plan. In this aspect, special attention is to be paid to intensification of scientific and research activity together with international and regional partners, wide practical implementation of innovative approaches and digital technologies.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov approved presented Plan and highlighted that care of the health of the population is invariable priority of the state policy of independent neutral Turkmenistan.



Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH

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