The Head of the State congratulates the graduates of security forces education insitutes

Consolidation of the independence and neutral and legal status of Turkmenistan, defence of national values and interests, peace of the citizens, creative work and protection of law and public order are our sacred duties, - the message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov says.

Big changes are going on the country. The main purpose of these reforms is to bring national economy to quality new level and provide social prosperity. Military and law enforcement agencies play an important role in implementation of large0scale reforms.

The adoption of military doctrine of independent neutral Turkmenistan, which is of defensive character, was dictated by peace-loving purposes. Its objectives are the improvement of patriotic education, improvement of social and living conditions of military personnel, protection of their health and rights and training of regular officers.

Protection of the achievements of the country is your main duty. You have to be a strong shield on these positions. You have to improve your knowledge permanently and be a model in service, stay on watch of the state achievements for happy future of our Motherland, - the message highlights.

Improving the training in military educational institutes of the country, introduction of computers and multimedia appliances in training process, large use of the internet and electronic libraries become the time requirement. In this context, the President's message mentions that graduates of security forces institutes have to master modern hardware delivered to the military and law enforcement agencies of the country, to be able to operate military equipment and to make deserving contribution to economic, political and cultural development of the state.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper