The Head of the State studies historical and natural monuments of the Kopetdag

After the offsite session of the State Security Council, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov familiarized himself with natural and historical monuments in one of the most beautiful place of Kopetdag Mountains.

Helicopter of the Head of the State headed towards the mountains. After some time, it landed in one of the most beautiful places of the foothills. Picturesque views of Kopetdag plains, magnificent mountains charming with their splendour opened to eyes of Turkmen leader.

The Head of the State noted that Turkmenistan has plenty of places where the most valuable information of the past of our people are hidden. There a lot of materials and documents about our generous country were left by the chronicler of the ancient period, antiquity and mediaeval times. However, the history of Turkmenistan is still an unfinished book of the great discoveries.

Richest information indicating the civilizations thriving on the territory of modern Turkmenistan, origination of agriculture, development of crafts and trades as well as original architecture has been gathered for the last years. At the same time, there are many places in our country, which are still waiting for their explorers, the President repeated.

Prosperous cities and settlements were located not only along Amudarya River, Kopetdag zone and Caspian Coast but also in the centre of seemingly deadly desert, where full of water Uzboy and Murgab used to flow providing the life to the settlements and caravansaries in the ancient times. Trade caravans used to stop there from where the goods were delivered to different parts of the world by land and sea routes. At present, many of these cities and settlements are hidden under the sands of one of the greatest desert of the world and, as the scientists say, are in preserved condition.

Speaking of the importance of historical and cultural monuments of Turkmen land, the Head of the State noted everlasting value of overpowering majority of them for the science. Our people made deserving contribution to the development of the world civilization what was scientifically proven by outstanding representatives of modern science as well as confirmed by the ancient men of wisdom who left the heritage of manuscripts to us.

Local architect art schools made great influence on the neighbouring countries. Architectural monuments of Turkmenistan, ruins of huge ancient cities in different parts of the country are the bright evidence to this.

Large work for study of archaeological data, their systematization and classification of new findings is carried out recently. Such rapid development of historical science, archaeology and similar scientific disciplines is stipulated by the importance that the state policy give to it and by the conditions that were made for successful work of the scientists.

As is known, the book by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov collects and summarizes the information about the cities arisen in different parts of our country, their input to unstoppable operation of caravan routes.

Having noted that the work over this voluminous and important from historical and educational point of view book is continued, the Head of the State highlighted that historians need to continue scientific researches on systematic basis and make detailed studies of the places where ancient cities and unique sanctuaries presenting the greatest value are located. This is one of the priority objectives for today, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued, having requested to consider the opportunity of new archaeological explorations.

The Head of the State made a stop at the ancient stone fortress - the stronghold located in one of the most beautiful mountain place. The Head of the State highlighted the necessity of joint efforts of the historians, local history scientists and other specialists for its deep study and passing down to the future generations.

There are many sources proving that Turkmens loved and protected their country throughout the times and that there were special guard towers next to the frontiers where in case of danger they lit up the fire informing of the enemy invasion, the President of the country highlighted. They were an important condition for the provision of the frontiers protection.

Speaking of the legends of these places, which remained in people's memory and captured ancient traditions and customs, origins of the names of the cities, villages and settlements, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave assignments for collection, systematization and scientific analysis of the toponyms. The Head of the State also told some legends related to the history of this place of Turkmen land.

Having said goodbye to the leaders of military and law enforcement agencies, the Head of the State embarked the helicopter and headed for the capital.

Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan