The heat in Turkmenistan breaks records again

Abnormally hot weather has re-established in Turkmenistan, Meteozhurnal reports .

The air temperature in Ashgabat reached 45 degrees in the shade, and records of the day were broken in a number of areas: in Serakhs - 45.9 degrees, in Yerbent - 45.5, in the city of Serdar (Gyzylarbat) - 44, in Bayramali - 44.8.

The publication warns that the peak of the heat will be on June 27-29, when the air temperature in the capital can reach 47 degrees, which is close to the absolute heat record in the city - 47.2 degrees.

It is noted that the frequency of hot weather in recent years has increased significantly, and most of the hottest years in 100-135 years occur in the last few years.

The summer months of 2015, 2018, 2019 and 2021 were among the hottest for Turkmenistan. This frequency has never been seen before.

Intense heat will also cover all neighboring regions. In Iran, the air temperature in some places can reach 50 degrees, in Afghanistan and Pakistan - 49, in Uzbekistan - 47, in southern Iraq - 50.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan