The high yields of vegetable and tobacco crops are collected in the northern region

The harvesting of potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetable crops continues at a high tempo in the north of Turkmenistan. By today, over twenty thousand tons of potatoes are harvested. The average yield is not less than 140 quintals per hectare. According to forecasts of specialists, this year the tenants of the region are able to collect from almost 3.5 thousand hectares not less than 47 thousand tons of this crop. Agrarians of the Dashoguz region also prepared over 540 tons of cucumbers by the beginning of August, which is more than half of the planned harvest, about 1800 tons of cabbage, more than 1.5 thousand tons of carrots, about 4,000 tons of onions and 3,500 tons of tomatoes. Grows and mass harvesting of melons is increasing, for which about 3 thousand hectares are allocated.

The state programs of import substitution and provision of the population with fresh vegetables and fruits of own production are successfully implemented due to the complex state support of agricultural producers in the northern region. This is achieved through the rational use of crop areas and water resources, taking into account the natural and climatic conditions of the region, the effective use of specialized equipment, the use of advanced agro technical techniques. A significant contribution to the solution of the set tasks is done by modern greenhouse farms of different forms of property built on the territory of the region.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper