The issue of registering a shipping line between Turkmenistan and Russia is being discussed

After the opening of the shipping line between Turkmenistan and Russia, the issue of registration of which is currently being discussed by the parties, cargo owners and shippers of Turkmenistan will be provided with a clear timetable for the movement of ships so that they can plan in advance the shipment of goods across the Caspian Sea.

Together with the creation of a trade and logistics center of Turkmenistan in the Astrakhan Port Special Economic Zone (SEZ), this will bring the significance of ongoing projects far beyond bilateral relations and help Turkmenistan become a major transport hub in the Caspian.

In addition to the delivery of Turkmen goods through Astrakhan, their distribution throughout Russia and the export of Russian goods to Turkmenistan, the creation of a logistics centre in the SEPZ and the launch of a shipping line between the ports of the two countries open up prospects for transporting goods from China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Russia through the Turkmen seaport of Turkmenbashy.

Various services related to border crossing, logistics, transportation and forwarding of goods, their customs clearance, etc. are being prepared to increase the traffic along the international «North-South» corridor, including along its eastern route through Turkmenistan. After all, the very concept of an international transport corridor implies the creation of a single logistically connected route, the introduction of a unified system of transportation documents, through tariff rates, digital tools to simplify international transit and transport operations and other significant elements that ensure fast and unhindered movement of goods.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper