The King of Silent Cinema and The Kid Go for Encore

At the numerous requests of music lovers, last Sunday at the Mukams Palace of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan, a film music concert of the American film "The Kid", staged in 1921, was held.

The Youth Chamber Orchestra conducted by Rasul Klychev performed in sync with the actions of the silent film. For the third time the musicians are organizing this concert of live music with silent films for the Ashgabat audience. And every time he passes with the same success.

What makes people come again to get in touch with a touching story that causes both laughter and tears? Recall that in this film there are five Charlie Chaplins - a screenwriter, artist, director, composer and producer. A short tramp, with a mustache and with an invariable cane in his hands, became the King of silent cinema, because he brilliantly coped with any business related to cinema.

The musicians of the Youth Chamber Orchestra performed the soundtrack to the film very cleanly, also because they wanted to convey to the listener the style of emotions experienced by the King of Silent Cinema when creating this music.

The listeners thanked the conductor and musicians with a storm of applause for the aesthetic pleasure they had received. And then it became known that the musicians had prepared a gift for them. Two more Charlie Chaplin soundtracks sounded from the stage - for the film "Ramp Lights" and a waltz from the film "City Lights". The hall also warmly accepted the gift of the musicians.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper