The Lebap region receives the new series of excavation equipment

The large batch of new modern dredgers replenished the fleet of digging mechanisms of the Karakumsakagurlushik production management. Around 30 modern dredgers from the Netherlands at the head of the 220 km stretch of the Karakum River originating from the Amu Darya began continuous watch.

New earthmoving machines differ not only with perfect navigation equipment, good working conditions and crew life, but, importantly, high productivity. Each dredger is able to remove from the bottom of the head section of the Karakum River up to 2 thousand cubic meters of sludge in an hour during the cleaning and deepening of the river, which is several times higher than that of the existing dredging pumps.

Today, over 50 earthmoving mechanisms operate on the head part of the river flowing through the territory of the Lebap region, located on different proportionally located sites. Annually meliorators take out millions of cubic meters of soil during the cleaning and deepening of the river. The prevention of siltation of the river contributes to the normal passage of water along the Karakum River to the Mary, Akhal and Balkan regions, meeting the needs of the agricultural sector.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper