The Light of Avaza: monumental symbol of development of Turkmen coast region

The Light of Avaza, an original sculptural composition with such name has decorated an architectural ensemble of se resort on Caspian Coast. The opening ceremony of the monument was held in National tourist zone yesterday.

New facility of monumental architecture was built on the intersection of Arkadag and Berkarar Avenues, next to the entrance to Jadyly kenar Amusement Park. Seven swans riding the waves made of silver metal are in the centre of the ascendig composition. The height of the monument is 23 meter, the diameter of the podium washed by fountain is 33 meter.

The participants of the ceremony noted in their speeches that Turkmenistan confidently follows the way of progress. Our country successfully implements largescale programmes of development of industrial sector, agricultural complex, transport and communications sphere, big investments are sent to intellectual sphere the education and science.

Health protection, culture and sport, in other words, everything that serves to spiritual and physical improvement of the nation, are exclusively important aspect of the state policy with precise social orientation. Whitemarble capital and regions of the country, where dozens of industrial, social and cultural facilities are built every year, have changed beyond recognition.

The most comfortable conditions for work and rest are made in the country. Avaza National tourist zone, which receive new features every day, is an excellent example of this.

Fashionable hotels, children heath resorts, multiprofile sanatoriums, new cottages and villas for families, sport, park and entertainment centres are growing one after another at Caspian Coast. The facilities of the resort harmonically match local natural landscape with growing manmade forests, which make favourable microclimate. Green parks and flower gardens are everywhere including both banks of Avaza canal, which runs across the territory of the resort.

Representatives of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, who are in charge of the development of Avaza national tourist zone, take active part in this work.

Now is a high season of summer holidays and thousands of guests from all parts of the country are coming to Avaza this time. golden sand beaches, warm sea, generous sun and fresh air, which guarantee charge of energy and good feeling for long time, makes Avaza the centre of attraction for many Turkmenistan citizens and our foreign guest, an ideal place for family holiday. Interesting and useful time is guaranteed for adults and children in this is place. Jadyly kenar, Deniz merjeni, A�lemgosar cultural and amusement centres and parks with all relative attributes as well as the Aqua Park with different attractions are favourite places of children.

In the meantime, Avaza national tourist zone confidently became big business centre of the region for the last few year, having become the place of highlevel meetings, different international events. The First Caspian Economic Forum will take place there on August 12. Government delegations, representatives of international organizations and big companies working in different spheres of economy from dozens of countries will participate in the forum.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper