The lights of the Main New Year tree of the country are on

The main New Year tree of the country, which is placed at the main square of the capital in front of the Alem Cultural and Entertainment Centre, were lit up with coloured lights, having announced about soonest coming of New Year 2020.

This year, the hosts prepared not only an entertainment but educational performance of young spectators. The main characters of the celebration, Ayaz Baba, Garpamyk, Bilgirje and Mammetjan have visited all parts of the country using digital technologies and seen the achievements in economic, cultural and social spheres.

The journey of New Year Magician has started in Balkan Velayat. They have sailed moder ship across Caspian Sea and come to Avaza National tourist zone where honoured guest were greeted by Tikki and Potdysh comedians as well as by numerous artists.

Walking in coastal Jadyly kenar park, Ayaz Baba, Garpamyk, Bilgirje and Mammetjan pay attention to the children and adults and after, decided to fly to Dashoguz. Having booked tickets online, they flew to Dashoguz from Turkmenbashy International Airport.

Having met deer guests in the airport of the northern region of Turkmenistan, they were escorted to the central square where traditional Turkmen bazar was deployed. Exposition of decorative and applied arts and tasting of dishes of national cuisine has been organized in this place.

Having tried traditional treats, Ayz baba and his companions congratulated happy families, which moved to new comfortable houses. They have paid visits to new tenants and wished them happiness in new apartments.

After, they went to Lebap Velayat. Firs, the guests arrived in Koytendag, where they looked around the world famous footprints of dinosaurs and were invited to celebration event in Turkmenabat. Bright performances of young artists, students of art school and violinists has expanded in the central park of the city.

After, Ayaz Baba and Garpamyk with their companions went to Mary by railway. Bilgerje has booked the tickets for fairy tale characters also online.

Upon arrival in Mary, our guests visited Mary Velayat Library where they have looked around the observatory working in the library. They were also told about the library fund and electronic system implemented in the library.

After, Ayaz Baba, Garpamyk and their companions went to the city market true oriental bazar full with variety of goods where fine jewellery from masters, agricultural production and other commodities were presented. The guests have visited the hothouse farm where generous yield of tropical bananas has been ripped in the middle of December.

Having said goodbye to Mary Velayat, the guest went to Ahal. They have visited the camp site of the shepherds the 'ak oy', where they have been cordially welcomed. They have listened to the songs of bakhshys sitting at the generous table and went to the place of the main event. In the centre of Ahal Velayat, the participants of magic journey become the spectators of music, dance and folklore performances.

After, a friendly company went to the Alem Cultural and Entertainment Centre of white-marble Ashgabat, on which square the main New Year tree of the country has been installed. Performance of art collectives of universities of the country, united children bands, pop singers, music orchestras and ensembles, circus artists have been expanded along wide avenues of the capital.

The entrance to the wonderful country is represented by magic arch lit up with various lights. Behind it, there are scenes for Turkmen folklore. You can meet a naughty Yartygulak and jyful Bovenjik. Characters of modern cartoons and fairy tales are organically mergd into celebration decorations.

The central place is given to beautiful New year tree, which is dressed in splendid outfit of thousands of bright balloons and toys and crowned with octagonal star with the figure of 2020. The height of the main New Year tree of the country with the star on top of it is 40 meters.

Thousands of Ashgabat citizens and guests of the capital, folk and dance collectives, circus and theatre artists in carnival dress, heroes of favourite fairy tales have gathered around beautiful New Year tree.

Ayaz Baba and his companions came to the square in front of Alem Cultural and Entertainment centre where they run into celebration carnival. Feeric performance with participation of theatre collectives of the capital, young artists as well as pop singers who greeted the guests with joyful songs has expanded around green 'Beauty'.

Joyful laughter, jokes and puzzles, dances and stage plays with participation of favourite characters of Turkmen national fairy tales, all this whirlpool of amazing adventurers has captured not only children but also numerous adults. Tasty gifts and surprizes from Ayaz Baba have become the best present for the kids.

Beautiful New Year tree, which shone with bright lights by the flick of the wonder stick of Ayaz Baba, was the top event of New year celebration.

At this moment, all New Year trees, which were installed at the main squares of the cities and villages of our country, where bright performances have also taken place, have been lit up.

The event at the main New Year tree of the country has ended up with big celebration concert.